So these people call my business like three times a day usually 2-3 times per week. I have told them several times to NOT CALL ME.

And I said this very nicely. No need to be rude to someone who's only doing their job! So they call again.....well I told the man I was talking to that I have told them several times not to call my business and that I wasn't interested. His response?

"You're a bold face liar." I said...excuse me? He said "you must be new at your job, maybe you should try NOT lying..." and then hung up on me. How unprofessional can you possibly be??? I called the number back that he called me from and the man I talked to told me that it was impossible because they are on a recorded line.

I said well that's funny because I AM CALLING BACK THE NUMBER HE CALLED ME FROM. He apologized and so on and so forth but of course, nothing came of it. Whoever I spoke to made be feel very uncomfortable....not only do they call me 6 times a week after I've told them not to, but NOW they are calling me and saying I'm a LIAR and accusing me of things I don't do.

This is a very desperate person, obviously. Not the company's fault I guess but when someone tells you to put them on your DO NOT CALL list....perhaps you shouldn't call.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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